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Hi! I'm a masters student at Princeton Seminary and freelance developer, communicator, and designer for churches, nonprofits, and faith organizations. I don't bring communities 'up-to-speed', but instead guide organizations towards progressive solutions that are forward-looking.

Over the past few years, I've walked alongside these groups to provide strategy, websites, branding, search engine optimization, and training for staff.

In 2018, I graduated magna cum laude from Belmont University with a Bachelor of Music degree with majors in Music Composition, Music Theory, and Piano Pedagogy. While in Nashville, I gained skills and hands-on experience in web development and communications while working for local churches and organizations, and built leadership experience while teaching music, rehearsing ensembles, and serving alongside campus ministry. I have a broad skillset that also includes photography, audio editing, church administration, graphic design, writing, and yes--as seminarians typically have--preaching.

Recent Projects

Right now...

What happens when the church WordPress is difficult to edit, time-intensive, and office staff is already swamped with running a parish? For an Episcopal congregation, they called me! I'm overseeing the process of creating a beautiful, easy-as-pie website that stays up-to-date automatically with tools that office staff already uses. I'll be sure to share results, so stay tuned.

The Zoe Project

While looking for a more effective, modern design, the Zoe Project asked for my help with a redesign project. I was brought onboard to complete the already-started project in short order, and have continued to work alongside leadership to showcase the project and its participants. Though I was expecting my role to be fairly short, I'm still engaged with the Zoe Project and its remarkable evolution.

Woodland Pres.

After the longtime pastor left his congregation, Woodland Presbyterian started envisioning the next few years ahead of their church. Fortunately, the church started investing in a sustainable future with the support of a multifaceted communications program, community outreach, and branding that represented their enthusiasm for the opportunities ahead.